Why I Am a Yoga Teacher
Dina Restivo
 Simply put—I do yoga because I feel fantastic afterward…
and I am a yoga teacher to help others achieve this fantastic state.

But it is deeper than that…

Yoga helped me to find myself.
Sharing that with community by teaching yoga is what gives me purpose… 

Yoga does not have to be complicated or rigorous to work effectively on the three levels—mind, body, and soul—that it was founded on. My favorite benefit of consistently practicing yoga is that it allows my brain to slow down, in turn quieting the noise of everyday life and allowing me to be present, to be in the now. Slowing down, allowing for awareness of the breath, connecting to a calmer, more peaceful self; this is what I find in yoga. If I can offer my guidance to help you to achieve this state of serenity for even a moment, and then next class maybe another, then I believe you will soon awaken with a deeper sense of Self-realization and acceptance.

My Teaching Style

I believe from my core that everyone is where they need to be when they arrive to yoga practice. I do my best to keep classes focused on the foundations, even joking at times that I teach “remedial yoga,” but really there is no such thing. The most experienced yogi can and often does practice the fundamentals, finding benefits in simplicity.

My Certifications
Mount Madonna Yoga School 500 hour training
Yogaworks 200 hour training
Holistic Yoga Flow 200 hour training
Sojourn Yoga School 200 hour training
FirstDegree/Shodon Reiki Practitioner

Yin Certification