We are following recommended COVID-19 guidelines by limiting classes, social distancing, and enforcing a “mask to mat” rule. 

Rocky Hill Yoga & Meditation

Sharing safe, Accessible Yoga for all

At our yoga studio, every class is designed to accommodate everyone from first time yoga students, to the more advanced yogi. Below is a list of classes we offer, but keep an eye out! We are always evolving based off the needs and recommendations of our guests.

Sweet Surrender

A gentle, meditative class spent mostly on the floor. Attend this class not for a workout, but for a sweet release. Class ends with aromatherapy and hot towels.

Holistic Flow

 This class has a little bit of everything including deep stretching and an invigorating vinyasa. We finish the yoga flow with sweet relaxation.

Heated Flow

An active class with a vigorous flow, leaving you infused with vitality. The heated yoga studio warms your body quickly for increased flexibility and blood flow. There’s something about that heat!

Yoga 101

Yoga 101 is an introduction to sun salutations, foundational yoga poses, and breathing. It is designed for new yogis but all are welcome. Sometimes going back to the basics is a valuable lesson.

Community Testimonials

"Throughout my yoga sessions with Dina, I feel consistent personal support of my progress through her positive and validating comments which serve to motivate me to strive for my maximum potential."
Gary Cascarona
"Dina has a passion to teach yoga and it shows in each and every class. She is able to make modifications for all fitness levels. And her play lists are the best!"
Jonna Schengel, PT
"I have been practicing yoga for about 15 years and I love it! Dina is an awesome teacher who not only encourages me to try new poses but also understands when a pose does not work for me. Dina is quite knowledgeable about yoga and easily relates to her students."
Leslie Price